Melted @ 1st glance (1999)

When I saw you 1st
I felt so thrilled,
So deep you did hit,
my heart seemed to burst.

I came as a roamer,
a passers-by bum,
As you cast the spell,
I’ll return in a hum.

The man who returns
Is prepared to admit
As how deep he is smitten,
Very trapped in the pit.

As times went by fast
I magnified slowly,
The sweet, thriving seeds,
I discovered as holy.

I realised later,
In a movement to cope,
The pit is to cater,
And the seeds are my hope.

My fantasy travelled
The lands of disclosure
The hills of enchantment
The fragrant exposure
Of multipeaked ranges
Of various themes
Creating the context
To manage the streams.

Entrapped, as I am,
I make up all this flicks.
Vividly versatile,
It certainly tricks
Me out of my hide
Confessing my crush,
I have to abide
soon to make
this bold stride.

So ever since
I met you in Alice,
I want you to know
what delightful your spell is.

Please trap me again,
On this second occasion,
It could see us akin,
On the verge of migration.

If all of that motion
Has brought me astray,
From now on I dream,
It wont lure you away.

So ever since
I saw you appear
I declare myself mad
without any fear.

My brain is let loose
As well is my heart
As far as I know
Don’t tear ‚em apart.