Wishful Thinking (1999)

Show me your wounds, your scars,
Your headaches, your shiver,
Complain me your fears, your nightmares,
Your pitch-darkest quiver.

Close me your eyes,
Make you return
To the places of pleasure,
Where the pain wants to burn.

Rehearse me the tunes
Of soul-raven rapture,
Release the rehearsals
Of your most striking capture.

Still keep your lids closed
And follow the run,
Associate you,
Dream the pictures of fun.

Show me your humour, your laughter,
Your striking astuteness,
Some taunting remarks,
Your most loveable cuteness.

Shed the tears of enjoyment,
Get eruptive, at times,
And please let me know
If you don’t like my rhymes.

Entangle me more,
In your surging repeats,
It sure will create
More poetical deeds.

Demystify me,
Destroy my concoctions,
I’ll drown, no remorse,
In the flood of my options.

Inspire me further,
I reiterate here,
It scares me my brain off,
But there’s nothing to dear.

Open your eyes,
Re-enter the present,
I’ll still be around
If it suits you as pleasant.