Deflated Hopes in Hongkong – a video by Jonah Kessel

25 years after the uprising in the heart of mainland China, at Tiananmen-Square, 17 years after the withdrawal of the english colonial government, citizens of Hongkong try to challenge the power of the few. The movement recedes right now. But the hearts and the heads will keep their memories – and the cry for change will begin again, sooner or later.

In this 2:41 min video, a Hongkong protester draws some very insightful conclusions:

„There is no space for dreams in Hongkong.“

„I do hope that the government can give us real democracy, an election framework, I do hope that. But I’m sure it’s impossible to have such things at the moment.“

„Because if we succeed in having a democratic government in Hongkong then everywhere in China, especially in Tibet, in Xinjiang they will have a lot of revolution and chaos. So I think the government will never compromise.“

There is nothing more to be said.