#33c3 – best of chaos communication congress 2016 (part 6)

Video: Welcome to the Anthropocene? – (Did) We Accidentally a New Geological Epoch(?)

Speaker KaLeiMai (slides here) argues that humans have shaped geological formations for thousands of years, have extincted many big mammals on every piece of earth they ever set their feet on, and have – more recently – polluted the air, distributed nuclear waste and its immissions, advanced climate change a.s.o.

Stratigrapical research has shown that ever since the last ice age human impact has changed the world in a sense that it seems to be reasonable to change the name of the epoch from Holocene to Anthropocene. KaLeiMai presents diffent proposals from inside the stratigraphical research community about this interdisiciplinary approach to scale time periods, to agree about names and the voting that has already happened inside the community.