#33c3 – best of chaos communication congress 2016 (part 1)

Video: The Global Assassination Grid – The Infrastructure and People behind Drone Killings

Talk about the secret drone war of the United States, using infrastructure on German soil (Ramstein Air Base).

Some facts about the 24th Intelligence Squadron.

My Manifesto: Why I don’t fear the NSA

Dear NSA,

my name is Thomas Zimmermann. If you read my Stasi record you’ll get to know my birth name.

I was born in 1964 in Eastern-Germany, formerly known as GDR, German Democratic Republic.

As the old saying goes: The GDR was reigned by a supreme party and leadership supported by a secret service, Stasi.

I had some quarrels with them, the Stasi. You can easily discover that here. Your translators will accurately figure out the key message: Don’t bother with me. I am here, the Stasi isn’t.

Beware of me. I’am dangerous.

Read my lips again: You’ll fail, epically fail.