#33c3 – best of chaos communication congress 2016 (part 10)

Video: The High Priests of the Digital Age are working behind your back to make you confess, and repent.

Speaker Charleyne Biondi argues that today’s mass surveillance infrastructure, its impact on personal behaviour and the resulting conformism resembles the crusade against masturbation in the 18th century. She devolops her narrative along the lines of the emerging surveillance culture in the families and the public of the 18th century, labeling masturbation as an heinous sin, even though before that noone really bothered…

Biondi relates our digital age to a seemingly long gone age of repression, pointing out that there are plenty of signs in today’s culture that repression is on the verge of taking over again.

#32c3 – best of chaos communication congress (part 8)

Predicting Crime in a Big Data World

Talk by Whitney Merrill

Extract from the program:

„Yearly, the world is inundated with news about government data collection programs. In addition to these programs, governments collect data from third party sources to gather information about individuals. This data in conjunction with machine learning aids governments in determining where crime will be committed and who has committed a crime. Could this data serve as a method by which governments predict whether or not the individual will commit a crime? This talk will examine the use of big data in the context of predictive policing. Specifically, how does the data collected inform suspicion about a particular individual? In the context of U.S. law, can big data alone establish reasonable suspicion or should it just factor into the totality of the circumstances? How do we mitigate the biases that might exist in large data sets?“

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#32c3 – best of chaos communication congress (part 2)

Ten years after ‚We Lost The War‘

Talk by Frank Rieger & Rop Gonggrijp

Extracted from the program:

The talk „We Lost The War“ was presented at Congress ten years ago, causing quite a stir. It was a prediction of a dark future that did not sit well with many people, but unfortunately many predictions have come true meanwhile. This talk will try to address what comes next, as well as what the hacker community can do to make things better.

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My Manifesto: Why I don’t fear the NSA

Dear NSA,

my name is Thomas Zimmermann. If you read my Stasi record you’ll get to know my birth name.

I was born in 1964 in Eastern-Germany, formerly known as GDR, German Democratic Republic.

As the old saying goes: The GDR was reigned by a supreme party and leadership supported by a secret service, Stasi.

I had some quarrels with them, the Stasi. You can easily discover that here. Your translators will accurately figure out the key message: Don’t bother with me. I am here, the Stasi isn’t.

Beware of me. I’am dangerous.

Read my lips again: You’ll fail, epically fail.