A couple of years ago I was sick and tired of the science spam I got on a daily basis. So I thought, exposing the spammers would have an effect reducing the crap. Stupid idea.

Like Jeffrey Beall, who once edited a long list of predatory open access publishers (, I wanted to increase the sensitivity of scientists what kind of journals and publishers do prey for their scientific work – and what methods they use to stalk scientists.

These publishers offer platforms for young scientists in need for a journal and they especially seem to solicit papers from scientists in underprivileged regions beyond the western hemisphere – as publishing culture is heavily biased in favor of western scholars.

Nonetheless, primary goal in acquiring manuscripts is to make money for very little value. Open access options in Elsevier or Springer journals are probably far too expensive for scientists with less public funding – but everyone who publishes in journals soliciting manuscripts should know that their scientific work is put into a fraudulent environment: false impact factors and other misleading metrics, false claims where the journal is indexed and so on.

So why do I want to do all that? I hope making spam mails from predatory, fraudulent publishers public will decrease the amount of it. And maybe, there is a chance to ROFL about some of the very ridiculous attempts to solicit my scientific work.
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